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Do I need an exam and x-rays prior to my cleaning?

New Patients 


Yes. A dentist must conduct a comprehensive oral exam and a full mouth series of X-rays (commonly called an FMX) to determine what type of cleaning is needed. Cleanings are typically not completed on the same day as the exam as cleaning appointments can vary from 30 min - 90 min depending on your needs.  We do not know how much time to schedule with the hygienist until you are evaluated by the doctor and a periodontal diagnosis has been made. If you have had a recent FMX within the last year from another provider, you may have them emailed over to our office prior to your appointment. 


Established Patients


Yes. A dentist shall conduct a dental examination on a patient within 13 months after a dental hygienist removes the patient’s calculus deposits, accretions, and stains from exposed surfaces of the teeth or from tooth surfaces within the gingival sulcus. X-rays are taken yearly during your exam as part of our team’s commitment to your thorough oral health care.

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